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The Mississippi Instructional Resource Center (MIRC)

MIRC serves as a repository for braille textbooks, large print textbooks, and specialized educational materials. The MIRC coordinates the registration of students who are legally blind and manages the APH Federal Quota Funds. The funds are used to purchase braille, large print, and specialized textbooks and educational materials for students who are legally blind in public, private, and parochial schools and other statewide agencies.

The MIRC is also appropriated funds by the state legislature to provide services to partially-sighted students whose best corrected vision is no better than 20/70 or whose doctor requests large print textbooks.

If you have questions about MIRC please contact the director, Dr. Antonio Magee, at


SKI*HI Early Intervention

The Sensory (Kids) Impaired Home Intervention (SKI*HI) Program provides early intervention services on a statewide basis to families of deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired, or Deaf-Blind children ages birth to 3 years. Services are usually provided in the home during weekly home visits by a staff of parent advisors who have received training in the use of early intervention models for delivery of services.

Parents become active partners in the educational development of their child and make informed decisions regarding communication methodology and educational placement for their child.

If you or someone you know has a child with hearing loss who could benefit from our SKI*HI services, please contact the director, Ms. Kaye Carr, at

Mississippi Assistance Center (MAC)

The MAC was established to be a resource for families and school districts seeking services for children with hearing loss or visual impairments. In 1986, the Jackson Central Lions Club established a Low Vision Clinic (LVC) to provide consultations to children whose vision cannot be corrected by conventional prescription glasses or contact lenses. In 2020, the MACH (Mississippi Assistance Center for Hearing Loss) was combined with the LVC to establish the Mississippi Assistance Center (MAC).

Assessment staff members in the MAC include a Doctor of Optometry, Audiologist, specialist in orientation and mobility, and a classroom teacher/school counselor, as needed.

For more information about the MAC center, please contact Myisha Jenkins at or (601)-984-8222 Fax. (601)-984-8133 .