Mississippi Schools for the Deaf & the Blind

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Established in 1854, the Mississippi School for the Deaf is the state’s official school for all children in the state who are deaf or hard of hearing. From the earliest detection of a hearing problem, we can provide children with the communication skills and confidence they need to live happy, productive lives


Established in 1848, Mississippi School for the Blind is a specially designed school focusing on the unique learning needs of children and youth PreK-12 with visual impairments or blindness, including those with additional disabilities.

Welcome to MSDB!

The Mississippi Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (MSDB) is one district with two unique schools – the Mississippi School for the Deaf, established in 1854, and the Mississippi School for the Blind, established in 1848. MSDB was established by the Mississippi State Legislature to provide educational and residential services to students across Mississippi who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, or deaf/blind. Our highly specialized teachers and support staff work together to provide a safe, happy, and healthy environment that facilitates growth and learning. Our educational curricula and after school programs encourage students to excel in all areas of their lives. Our goal is to provide fully accessible learning environments and foster the love of learning for life. Our students strive to accomplish every goal they set for themselves and often exceed expectations.

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If you are a passionate, hard-working, lifelong learner who cares about the success of all students and the success of the district in which you work, you may be just the right fit for our team! Apply at the link below.


MSDB supports school districts, families, and their communities through our outreach services. Complete the outreach application below to let us know how you need our support.


MSDB has been designated by the State of Mississippi as a program that serves children whose primary disability is either a hearing loss or a vision loss. Program design and selection of staff is based on that premise. Not all children who apply are eligible to attend the MSDB. Click below for a summary of MSDB’s enrollment policy.


I am so thankful for MSB. Since my son started this school year I have seen such tremendous growth in his mobility, independence, and Braille skills. The Braille instruction and technology he has access to at MSB is amazing! The teachers are wonderful. His Orientation and Mobility training is teaching him so much and he really enjoys everything that he learns. He has never loved school more than he has at MSB. It feels like family and we feel so blessed to be a part of it.


Stacie Harris

My baby has been here for 3 years now, and we love it more every year. They are amazing with these kids, and really care about every single one.

Melissa Lee
2016 Classes and Teachers were great! I cant wait to attend the 2017 classes. I’ve learned more than I thought I would. Now I am able to communicate with my sister and nephew. Very Thankful!

Ashley Day